Weekly outline

  • About this web page

    The class web page is at https://eigen-space.org/mk/harmonic1920/. It continues to be updated with new material.

    This moodle page was created after the course moved online (mid March 2020, because of the coronavirus situation). It serves as a host for the class discussion forum (which everyone is encouraged to use, preferably in English, but also in Greek if you cannot express yourself in English with ease).

    It is also here where you will be uploading your assignments (solutions to problem sets).

    How to upload your solutions to problem sets

    For each assignment you should upload one PDF file. No images, no word files, no multiple files.

    Most of you will be writing your solutions on paper (of course, latex produced files are very welcome). I suggest you do the following after you have written your solutions as clearly as you can.

    Use a phone app such as Camscanner or Tiny Scanner to scan the pages into one pdf file (it is very important to have good light when you take the pictures -- natural light works best). This you upload to your assignment before the due date.

  • 22 March - 28 March

  • 29 March - 4 April

  • 12 April - 18 April

  • 26 April - 2 May

  • 3 May - 9 May

  • 17 May - 23 May

  • 21 June - 27 June